Delegation and Life Balance

“I’m overwhelmed and scattered. There aren’t enough hours in the day.” Jason was animated. He continued, “Since my promotion I’m spending even less time with my wife and two kids.” Good for my career, bad for my family We talked. Jason told me he delivered on commitments and met deadlines. He saw his promotion as […]

I Almost Quit, Now I’m Fine

I sent Linda a biography to complete before we had our first coaching session. One question was, “Deep down inside of you, what is your concern?” Her concern was, “I’ll be a bag lady.” Linda wore an expression of wariness as she sat forward in her chair. She was a highly introverted mid-level manager. “Tell […]

Small Group Meetings

SMALL GROUP MEETINGS – Hold meetings with the people doing the work. – No more than 15 at a time. If you don’t know their names use name tags. – Start off asking open ended questions: What will make your job easier/more productive/more challenging? What ideas do you have that haven’t been heard? If you […]

Develop Stronger, More Productive Direct Reports

Developing key people doesn’t happen by accident. It requires purpose, direction, commitment and, above all, a written plan. A written development plan offers many important benefits. For starters, it takes vague statements or observations about behavior and makes them tangible and measurable. It also enables people to iden- tify and shore up shortcomings and blind […]

Time Management

The key to effectively managing your time is to prioritize demands that are important and urgent and avoid or delegate tasks that are unimportant and urgent. To determine if a task is urgent and truly important, ask yourself three questions: •Do I have to do this now? •Do I have to do this at all? […]

Reasons to Let Go

Author Unknown To “let go” does not mean to stop caring, it means that I can’t do it for someone else. To “let go” is not to cut myself off, it is the realization that I can’t control another. To “let go” is not to enable, but to allow learning from natural consequences. To “let […]

Working Effectively with Each Other

We would like to know about people but we over look the obvious. We don’t ask. Here are a few jump start questions 1. Want to know how to manage a direct report? Question: What is the best boss you have ever worked for? What did they do? Take notes since this is what you […]